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Well Soup, I took your advice. Let's see what happens... don't leave me hanging - come sign up to start blogging on here too. That goes for the rest of you Poolhawks too!

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Made it in here. I still thing you should try to make some bucks off it though. I think its pretty cool.
Out of towners should be starting to make reservations. But, I have to hold off, as I've had some interviews and you know how you get screwed on vacation and all that when you take a new job.

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Hey Soop, you should post that on facebook so your boss knows your looking too, then HR, then you will have plent of time to look. Benefits are not real good though, but you get lots of time off...ha

Anyway I finally made it two, to, Tooo...

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Painter's here! Heard you need a paint job. Which way to the visitor's locker room?

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Yeah, this was part of the deal - you keep on painting the visitor's locker room pink, and we let you into the Big 10.